Matalene and Elijah

Matalene and Elijah
Big Sister and Little Brother

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We were so proud of Mattie for donating her hair to Locks of Love! She loves her short hair, but at times she wants to grow it long again like Rapunzel!

The Kids!

It has been a very long time since my last post! Elijah is 2yrs old. He had a wonderful "cars" themed birthday at the park. Elijah is talking more and more everyday! He loves for daddy to read him books and to play with his cars. He is currently loving to color all of the time! Mattie is 3 1/2 and has been enjoying her preschool this year! She just participated in a Thanksgiving program and we were so proud of her! She sang very loudly and did all of the movements to the song! She loved being on stage! Mattie is becoming a great big sister to Elijah! She is helping him learn his colors and shapes. She reads him books in the car and plays with him in the play room (well I guess you could say she bosses him around in the play room)
We recently got another pug puppy named Hershey Kisses! Everyone has adjusted well to this lil guy! Mattie especially LOVES him! Puga and Hershey play together too. For now, Puga is able to get away by jumping on the couch when she needs a break!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Long time since last post! We have a had a fun summer and lots of FIRSTS for Elijah!
Since March Elijah has had his First haircut, First baseball game, First Movie(Cars 2), and First big boy bed! Elijah is such a sweet boy and LOVES his big sister! He also LOVES playing with cars and totes them EVERYWHERE! He enjoys reading books and is now sleeping in a big boy twin bed, which is of course a CAR! The kids have enjoyed Gymnastics and swim class this summer. This fall Elijah will take Kindermusik with mama and Mattie will be our little ballerina. These activities are so much fun for the kids and us too! Mattie started preschool last weeks and LOVES it! She is very social and loves meeting new friends and school activities. Now that Elijah is almost 2, I can see the kids enjoying eachother more during playtime. There are plenty of fights, but watching them play TOGETHER is a wonderful blessing. Mattie is taking on the role of big sister better each day. She sees Elijah fall and asks if he is ok and she includes him in playtime. Mattie still loves to read books, and playing princess dress-up is her favorite activity. Matt and I are so blessed for our wonderful children!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mattie's Turning 3!
I truly can't believe that Mattie will be 3 years old in two days on March 18th! I can still remember the feelings I had surrounding her arrival! At 28 weeks I was surprisingly diagnosed with a rare pregnancy induced medical condition called Choleostasis of Pregnancy. With much fear and anxiety at 36 weeks we arrived to have an amnio. to check for lung maturity, praying for an early delivery. After the amnio results came in as "inconclusive" we were sent home. That day I felt back pain and then around 9:30pm my water broke! We were so nervous about Mattie being ready for delivery, but she knew she was and decided to make her entrance into our family! Her delivery was pretty traumatic as she had shoulder dystocia, but with a great OB she was delivered healthy and safely! Mattie's birth story really does reflect the Mattie I know today. She is a very feisty girl with a sassy personality. Her strong personality can be challenging, but she is worth it all! Mattie loves to learn and read books (like her daddy)! We are so excited to see what her future will be like! We love you Mattie! You are such a wonderful blessing and we are so very thankful to God to have you as our daughter! Happy 3rd Birthday Matalene Euvine Middleton!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elijah and Mattie are growing too fast! Elijah is saying a few words now. He calls everyone very special to him "MaMa" at the moment, yes even daddy ;). His favorite word is "craaaker" and by the way that is his favorite food! He is our picky little eater! Well, since Elijah's my second child I must admit I tend to let him have what he wants. He loves Kindermusik, dancing, reading books, playing Barbie with Mattie, throwing balls, and doing anything he can to bother his big sis! Elijah is such a sweet boy! Mattie is loving preschool and reading books from the library! She is very excited about Ballet classes in the fall and her upcoming 3rd birthday! Mattie is a very dramatic little girl, but she does have a sweet heart. She will tell Matt and I that she misses us and loves us daily! Mattie LOVES to talk and she has much to say! Thankfully, Mattie is becoming better at being a big sister and likes help me teach Elijah animals, animal sounds, and shapes. I am loving being a stay at home mom!